Final Goodbyes..

At this every moment, I am now having my breakfast while writing this last post before my enlistment into the army.. never thought that this day would arrive so soon.. but well, its about time otherwise I think things would get even worse if I enlist any later. haha.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who accompanied me for a wonderful dinner yesterday before my enlistment, as well as aiding me in getting all my remaining stuffs for NS too. =) As I am going to embark on a 2 years of NS journey, I believe many new challenges lies ahead of me as well as obstacles. Things should all be fine.. that's the least I hope. Haha. Will be missing all my friends, my old GV gang as well the the triplets. Thanks Girls for being there for me!

Well, its time for me to go. Think I require all the luck that I'll need! Wish me all the best guys! Bye!

Ryan Signing Out!

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The Final Moments

As of today, 3rd of June 2010.. I have finally reached the end of my GV Career as a Part Time Customer Service Crew member over Jurong Point after 5 years of service. For some people, they would consider 5 years of part time service to be a pretty long duration, and it is very unlikely to persevere for such a long persisting period of time. Many had frequently asked me this question "How did you ever managed to stay in GV for so long?" And my replies were often simple: "Because of the working environment when I first came; able to watch free movies, a flexible working schedule which does not conflict with my studying hours, and the luxury of working alongside with the aunties, my good friends and new buddies that I have acquainted each year etc etc.. But I think the main reason that really kept me going was the fun and knowledge that I've gained and acquired from GV.

Never thought that clearing up my locker would involve so much effort.. probably due to the fact that it never came across my mind that I would leave GV one day. The locker no.28.. Used to share it with another part timer named rommance. [Many unknown secrets within this locker till this day have yet been revealed] Afterwhich I've been using it mostly by my own till this very day. There were really tonnes and tonnes of stuffs which shocked people like ying ying when she saw the load of items that I possess and collected over the past 5 years in GV. [Such as cup toppers, moo tins, cow calenders, movie notebooks, etc etc..That's the problem when there's no "lockerkeeping" in place. haha]

Another interesting discovery is that..

I realized that I ve really watched quite alot of movies in my 5 years of stay in GV. I owned 7 movie cards in total pertaining to about 400 over films in total.

The only regret that I have is despite that I've tried my very best and did everything within my power and capability in maintaining both the standards and staff disciplinary issues.. I am left with little time to initiate the full enforcement act with my fellow trainers. Nevertheless I hope the remaining trainers in GVJP will kick start a new series of training programmes to educate our future new staffs. Afterall, A new era in GVJP has just begun!

So much memories.. both good and bad ones all flashed through my mind earlier while I was packing up.. leaving not a single trace of me behind. The place whereby I call "2nd Home" will always be remembered..along with the strong bond that I have for 5 years with. Goodbye GVJP.

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Entire Month of Emptiness

It has been a month since my In-House-Project/FYP Presentation.. This means that I've been officially relieved from all my academic school work and it symbolises the beginning of a new chapter that awaits "National Service. [Wondering if it's hell or heaven based on my "Advance Age"]

~There is no ever-lasting banquet in this world!

I realized that time truely flies as the 3 years of my polytechnic life in Ngee Ann are reaching it's finale. It was rather both an enriching and yet fun learning experience, alongside with all the friends that I've made and all the acquaintances. I'm gonna miss the food at canteen 3 and makan place!

Soon thereafter, I'll be leaving the place where it is the closest thing to home, Golden Village Jurong Point. I'm not sure if I'll be remembered, but.. at least I've been there to watch it grow and shine for a period of 5 years. Will be missing the current GV folks eventually.

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Loved and Lost

I've learnt that sometimes in life you can never outrun your destiny.. things that were already in placed and fated are inevitable.. Such as I'll never find my true love in this life time.. it was never meant to be. I should have resigned to fate long time ago instead of getting into relationships which are not real. They were merely infatuations.. The results are all the same. Simply 2 words to bear in mind from this day on -Be Alone.

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School V.S FYP

haiz.. finally.. reaching the end of my career in Ngee Ann Poly.. I suddenly realized that.. I'm really getting old indeed. looking at freshies all over the place enjoying their 17, 18 years of life thus far has really gotten me thinking.. what were I doing when I was about their age. Haha. The start of year 3 sem 2 sure looks busy. Got lots and lots of stuffs to prepare and reports to draft up for FYP. Looks like its gonna be a tough fight, hopefully can survive it all. Wish me luck! :)

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We Went to K-box Cineleisure at level 5 last month. And look at what's in our kachang bowl!!!

This was extremely disgusting.. and the manager of K-Box straight away apologised and offered to treat us free complementary drinks as a way to compensate for our .... well "poor enjoyment time"? Lol. Luckily I wasn't the one that ate until the very bottom and discovered the cockroach. But that someone well... I think she pulled my ear that day?? haha

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Exam Results

Just received my 2009 April Examination results. I seriously thought it would be a disaster.. but however surprisingly, it wasn't that bad afterall :) Would have to strive and work even harder next semester. Guess FYP wouldn't be a breeze..

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